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Capital Markets and Treasury

Domestic Market

Banco do Brasil operates in the domestic capital markets through BB Banco de Investimento S.A. – BB-BI. In 2010 it carried out 44 issues of fixed-income securities, amounting to a total of R$13.8 billion, ranking in 3rd place according to Consolidated figures from Anbima, with a market share of 19.3%. In the securitisation segment, there were 4 issues of Funds for Investment in Credit Rights – FIDC, 1 in Real Estate Receivable Certificates – CRI and 2 in real estate funds, amounting to a total of R$957 million.

In equity markets, BB-BI coordinated 2 public share offering its, amounting to a total of R$ 327.8 million. In distribution terms, BB was ranked number one by Anbima, with a market share of 60.5%. In the custody of assets in the domestic market, the Bank occupies 3rd place in the ranking by Anbima, with R$461.9 billion in custody, which represents a market share of 22.1%, while also acting as a depositing institution for real-estate assets.

BB Gestão de Recursos, Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários S.A. (BB DTVM), is a company that specializes in the management of funds from third parties and the management of investment funds of clients of Banco do Brasil, distributed through the largest banking branch network in the country.

The company began its activities in 1986 and over the years has undergone changes to perfect its structure. Combining solidity, transparency, security, experience and advanced technology, BB DTVM is synonymous with excellence in management solutions for a large variety of market segments: retail, high-income, private, corporate, foreign, government and institutional investors.

With a selected team of professionals, with a high level of qualification, training and commitment, mainly to the clients, BB DTVM provides an excellent and exclusive service, adapting solutions to the specific needs of each investor profile.

International Markets

In the international capital markets, BB, through its external brokers BB Securities Ltd (London) and Banco do Brasil Securities LLC (New York), took part in 30 of the 69 operations for the raising of external funds carried out by companies, banks and the Brazilian government, being the lead-manager in 17 of these, and co-manager in 13. Of the total of approximately US$ 40 billion issued during the year, BB participated in approximately US$ 21.6 billion.

In the market for mergers and acquisitions, BB-BI participated in 5 operations, amounting to a total of R$ 8.5 billion, being in 7th place according to the ranking from Anbima, with a market share of 12%.