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In 2010, Banco do Brasil gained an additional share of the card market, with an increase in card sales. With 88.3 million plastic cards issued, an increase of 1.2% compared to 2009, with an extensive portfolio of types of card and brand name, Banco do Brasil offers its clients a modern and personalized platform for multi-functional cards, which, through incorporating chip technology, offer a wide range of functions and security.

Safe Use of Cards

Banco do Brasil uses its communication channels with the client for orientation and emphasis about secure card use: messages in invoices, constant guidelines in letters that accompanying the cards, on the adhesive labels stuck to the reverse of cards, as well as in routines in the call centers, and messages generated at the ATM centers.

In 2010, the Internet card site ( started to contain a number of links on tips for the use of cards from Abecs the Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Service Companies ("Card – the trick is to know how to use it "), and from the financial education area of the Bank.

Financial Education

Consistent with its policy of social responsibility, Banco do Brasil, in partnership with Visa, presented the "Theatre of Financial Practices" play students in the public education network in São Paulo. 10 presentations were held at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, with exclusive sessions for 1,500 pupils in the public education network, aged between 11 and 16. The objective was to demonstrate basic personal financial concepts to this target public audience.

"Arredonde sua Conta"

Banco do Brasil, in partnership with the Terra Institute, launched a program for promoting the revitalization of Atlantic Rainforest through the Program "Arredonde a Sua Conta'' (''Rounding up Your Account"). With this, Ourocard customers of Banco do Brasil can round up the cents on their monthly credit card invoice, to a maximum of 99 cents, to be donated to the NGO.

The amounts donated by BB clients to the Terra Institute are directed to projects for restoration of the ecosystem, encouraging sustainable rural development, scientific research and environmental education.

Products with Socio-environmental Characteristics

Product or Service Socio-environmental Responsibility Characteristic Quantity of Cards Issued Share in the Total Issued Environmental  Social
Ourocard Empreendedor Specific credit card for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI), exempt from annual charges and with card remittances to the address declared by the cardholder. It has the objective of leveraging credit in this segment, facilitating banking inclusion and the movement of funds.  891 0.001%   X
BB Crédito Pronto Created to facilitate client access to microcredit funds made available by BB, based on Resolution 3.109, of the National Monetary Council, with a monthly interest rate of 2%.  82,971 0.094%   X
BB Cartão Previdência Social Tired for INSS retirees and pensioners with an interest rate of 2.99% a month, well below that practice in the card market, without the charging of an annual fee or a charge for issuing the card .  76,463 0.087%   X