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The Bank for Foreign Trade

In 2010 Banco do Brasil reaffirmed the tradition of being the main partner for Brazilian foreign trade. The Bank's share of the export exchange market amounted to 31%, with trading volume of US$57.1 billion. In the import exchange segment, BB's participation amounted to 24%, with a volume traded of US$42.7 billion.

The Bank also consolidated its leadership position in the financing of foreign trade. Advances on Foreign Exchange Contracts (ACC) and Advances on Foreign Exchange Delivery (ACE) ended the year with a total paid out of US$12.6 billion, which represents a market share of 33.6%. In the case of the Program for Export Finance (Proex), amounts paid out in the form of financing totalled US$432.5 million, which is the highest demand in the last five years. Credit facilities focused on imports totalled US$4.3 billion, maintaining BB as the market leader.

The assistance that the Bank provides to its clients goes beyond just financial operations. BB also offers Brasil Web Trade (BWT), an electronic business environment which permits companies to carry out all the stages of exports. It functions as an interactive channel for buying and selling, which simplifies and stimulates negotiations between Brazilian exporters and importers, around the world, rapidly and securely.

The online services for exchange and foreign trade also continue to show record results. The percentage of export exchange contracts carried out through the Internet amounted to 66.5%. In the case of imports, 44.2% of the exchange contracts were effected through the web. Of the total contracts, 47.9% were carried out using digital signatures. These initiatives are in line with the Bank's sustainability directives, which have already resulted in a reduction in attendance time, as well as implying lower consumption of material and energy, in addition to providing security and flexibility for the client.

The Bank also assists companies of any size in its first steps in the international market, providing services for consultancy and training in international business. In 2010, BB trained more than 19 thousand people throughout the country, in the area of foreign trade.

Banco do Brasil's main credit products for this segment are: Advances on Foreign Exchange Contracts (ACC) and Advances on Foreign Exchange Deliveries (ACE); ACC Indireto (indirect); BB Export Working Capital; Export Financing Program (Proex); BNDES-Exim; Capital de Giro Externo (working capital in foreign markets); direct financing loans; Overdraft; pre-payment; Proger Exportação; International Leasing; financing for imports (Finimp); and Desconto à Forfait.

Providing of Services for the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade

Banco do Brasil also carries out a combination of activities focused on the operation of Brazilian exports and imports, delegated by the Secretariat for Foreign Trade (Secex), part of the Ministry for Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC). Among the services available, of particular note is the emission or authorization of the Certificate of Origin Form A, Import Licence and Drawback.

Dissemination of Export Culture

In addition to participating in all the editions in 2010 of the Foreign Trade Meetings (Encomex) promoted by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), Banco do Brasil continued with its Foreign Trade Days. The project, which has the objective of encouraging the insertion of Brazilian companies in international market – particularly those of a smaller size – this year covered 13 states, with a total of 19 events, at which more than 2,000 participants were present.