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Beyond a legal requirement, the BB Ombudsman represents Banco do Brasil's commitment to good market practices that respect consumers' rights, the search for their constant improvement, as well as enhancing its relationship with the various publics it serves.

Banco do Brasil's Ombudsman's office was established in April 2005 to receive complaints, recommendations, suggestions and praise from all segments of the public with which BB has a relationship. It is a gateway for criticism and suggestions, and is evidence that the bank values the opinions of its customers and society, a reason for existence of the company.

The Ombudsman is not a substitute for other, conventional means of customer service. Instead, it is there to field questions from customers and others who have already made use of BB branches and service centers and, not feeling satisfied with the results of those encounters, want a further review of their complaints or cases.

Customers and others have at their disposal various options to get in touch with the Ombudsman — a toll-free phone number, a TTY line for the deaf and speech impaired, the Banco do Brasil website and a postal address.

Accordingly, should problems arise, to expedite the resolution of a case it is essential to proceed as follows:

1.  First, visit the branch responsible for customer service and seek a solution with the account officer or another branch employee.
2.  If the situation is not resolved, contact the BB Customer Support Line at 0800-729-0722. If attempts to resolve problems by means of the options above do not work, it is then the moment to contact BB's Ombudsman. Access is through the toll-free telephone number, in Brazil 0800-729-5678, or via the Bank's website.

The Ombudsman not only seeks to immediately solve problems but also, as appropriate, will propose to the Oversight Board and, as applicable, the Board of Directors, suggestions for corrective measures to improve procedures and practices. In 2010 alone, BB's Ombudsman proposed 36 actions to improve processes, products and services, as well as offering suggestions regarding socio-environmental concerns.

The Ombudsman has a dedicated page on the BB website, where interested parties can access an institutional report with key data from the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman's scope of action encompasses all of Banco do Brasil offices as well as those of its subsidiaries, affiliates and managed companies, which have signed an agreement for a single, centralized ombudsman's office.