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BB has a great diversity of products and services available to cater to its more than 54 million clients in Brazil, as well as its clients abroad. To this end, it uses service that is specialized by segment, considering the characteristics and desires of each profile.

Annually, the Bank contracts a specialist company to carry out customer satisfaction research, with a view to improving its customer service and developing better products and services. The result of the research is submitted to the strategic units and used as an input in the definition of the Company's operational directives for the next few years.

In 2010, with the aim of refining its operational model and increasing the profitability of its customer base, BB introduced a new portfolio segregation model as part of its Retail Transformation Project and the restructuring of its Wholesale business, as shown in the charts. Specialized services by segment at BB aims to ensure the quality of customer service, as well as providing clients with a flexible and convenient relationship, appropriate for their needs. In this regard, during 2010 a number of tools or made available which aimed to facilitate and assist in the monitoring of the performance of the network and provide a response to clients in accordance with BB strategies, as well as facilitating the service to the client, resulting in more flexibility and speed in procedures and operations.

For private individuals, Banco do Brasil (BB) has a segmented and specialized service, developing products and services appropriate to each client. Banco do Brasil's "Private" is a relationship concept which combines the exclusivity, personalization and individualized service of private banking, with its solidity, security, tradition and experience that only Banco do Brasil can offer.

Banco do Brasil Style Segment is a relationship segment which offers a personalized service, financial advice, as well as differentiated products and services. The service is carried out in environments developed to offer security and privacy, with a maximum of comfort and sophistication. BB "Personalized" offers its clients facilities and solutions, with products and services suitable to the profile of this public audience relationship. For more convenience, the client has an extensive network of physical and mobile services available. All using the highest standards of security and modernity. Banco do Brasil has also sought to improve its service to the public in the retail segment. The branches are being reformatted and a new architectural layout has been designed with the aim of offering more convenience and comfort to these clients. In addition to this, in order to ensure quality in the relationship, BB has made efforts to create suitable portfolios, products and services for this public, in addition to developing initiatives involving financial education and the inclusion of this public into the banking sector.

In the companies segment, the Bank establishes relationship models for each category of clients with the aim of attending to their specific demands. In the Wholesale segment, restructured in 2010, the Bank provides a satisfactory service to major corporations. In the case of micro and small companies, BB maintains its leadership position in serving this public audience, with various products and services.

As a major partner to the agribusiness segment, BB offers specialized products and services with a view to serving customers ranging from the small farmer to the major corporations. BB has 61% of the agricultural lending market, and guarantees the best service to these clients.

In its support for the public administration, the Bank seeks to achieve continuous specialization, through the use of new technologies and processes, in strengthening its service network for the sector and the training of employees. In 2010, BB had an exclusive network for this segment, with 30 branches and 72 exclusive platforms to serve federal, state and municipal governments. Banco do Brasil is one of the largest partners of Federal, State and Municipal Governments in the implementation of projects with a focus on national development.

Distribution Network

BB ended 2010 with 5,807 branches in operation throughout the Country – the largest branch network in the national financial sector. In addition to the branches, the clients have more than 8,000 service outlets available, 4,800 ATM centers and 10,100 banking representatives. In total there are more than 48,000 service outlets in Brazil. In addition to this, BB has the largest part of ATM terminals in Latin America, with 44,954 of its own machines, of which 89% have already been adapted for use by the physically disabled.

  • Retail
  • 258
  • Wholesale
  • 2
  • Governnment
  • 7
  • High Income
  • 2
  • Retail
  • 1,030
  • Wholesale
  • 7
  • Governnment
  • 9
  • High Income
  • 12
  • Retail
  • 2,158
  • Wholesale
  • 49
  • Governnment
  • 6
  • High Income
  • 75
  • Retail
  • 405
  • Wholesale
  • 5
  • Governnment
  • 5
  • High Income
  • 12
  • Retail
  • 1,007
  • Wholesale
  • 23
  • Governnment
  • 3
  • High Income
  • 12

In addition to the ATM machines and the branches, Banco do Brasil offers various options to access banking services, such as: Internet, Financial Manager (internet banking for companies), POS (credit and debit card machines at commercial establishments), telephone, fax and mobile banking (wap). On December 31st,2010 automated channels accounted for 93.0% of total transactions, with the ATM terminals accounting for approximately 36.4% of Banco do Brasil's banking operations. To offer more comfort and convenience to its clients, in 2010 the Bank began to modernize this equipment.

To facilitate the use of ATM machines by customers, the access menu for products and services has been simplified. In addition to this, Banco do Brasil began its project to technologically integrate the BB Service Centre with the management system of the electronic cash machines, which will allow monitoring and resupply of the machines 24 hours a day. With the acquisition of light terminals, without safes attached, it has been possible to expand the number of machines and locations served.

The new visual standard for the branch environments has been introduced in 45 units, integrating the spaces for transactions, self-service and businesses. With a modern and innovative look, the initiative has created waiting environments that are more agreeable, providing comfort and convenience.

In 2010, to maintain its physical network, around 4,100 of the service outlets of BB and the banks incorporated (BESC, BEP and BNC) were remodelled, in addition to the modernization of more than 15,000 automated teller machines, with a total investment of approximately R$440 million. Investment in the expansion of the physical network amounted to R$230 million in 2010, with the installation of 181 new branches.

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Among the new aspects introduced in 2010, of particular note were:

  • Installation of service points in communities, such as an example of the branches in Jardim Ingá – Luziânia (GO) and Paraisópolis – São Paulo (SP). In the Complexo do Alemão (RJ) and in Cidade de Deus (RJ), the Bank will begin activities in 2011";
  • Incorporation of Banco Popular do Brasil and the unification of the contracts of the Banking Agents (Coban), as well as partnership signed during the year with Poupatempo (SP), stores of Ponto Frio and the creation of the first real-estate banking representative in Águas Claras (DF);
  • Opening of 5 Electronic Banking Service Outlets – PAE in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, for the so-called Special Frontier Front Platoons, a pioneering initiative, involving an agreement between Banco do Brasil and the Brazilian Army. The opening of more nineoutlets of this type is planned;
  • Expansion of the "Style Segment" network, with the inauguration of 30 branches;
  • Strategic positioning of the Bank with the objective of offering banking services in Brazilian municipalities with a low demographic density (up to 30,000 inhabitants) that have no banking services at the moment, as a way of enabling Banco do Brasil to provide services in 100% of Brazil's municipalities by the end of 2015. To make this initiative is possible, the creation of the first 50 Supplementary Branches has been improved, a new type of branch, similar to a banking representative, which aims to serve municipalities where BB has no presence. The first Supplementary Branch will be installed in Anhembi (SP), a village with slightly more than 5000 inhabitants in the countryside of the state of São Paulo;
  • Development of the Project Beachfront, which in keeping with the strategic directives of the Bank, involves the installation of 11 PAE and 2 kiosks on the beach front of Copacabana and Leme, considering that Rio de Janeiro will be the stage for events with a global reach over the next few years (Military Olympics in 2011, Confederation Cup in 2013, World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games and Para Olympics in 2016). This project will contribute to increasing the availability of the brand name and broadening market share, as well as helping to project the Bank's image abroad, corroborating Banco do Brasil's internationalization strategy.

BB's Network in Brazil

Own Network  2008  2009  2010
Branch  4,342  4,897  5,087
PAA  187  178  179
PAB  1,389  1,697  1,659
PAE  6,055  6,529  6,617
SAA  3,987  4,626  4,815
PAP  4  2  2
Subtotal  15,964  17,929  18,359
Coban -  5,335  10,145
Shared Network      
CEF - lottery houses  10,182  9,838  10,748
Banco 24h  4,732  6,486  9,092
Subtotal  14,914  16,324  19,840
Total  30,878  39,588  48,344
The Bank's distribution network is divided into 5 types of service outlets, in addition to the branches: PAA – Advanced service Post: an outlet for municipalities without banking services. They have a smaller employee structure, as well as ATM machines; PAB – Banking Service Post: located in the internal premises of companies or public organizations. They have one employee, as well as ATM machines; PAE – Electronic Service Post: the service structure is exclusively electronic; SAA – Self-Service Room: exclusively electronic services installed in the principal area of the branches; and PAP – Collection and payment Pos: outfits consisting of employees and ATM terminals, located, mainly in public organizations (municipal authorities).

Banco do Brasil is present in 23 countries, with a network of 1,037 representative banks, offering convenience to its clients in more than 140 countries. BB is the Brazilian bank with the largest network of its own abroad.

Distribution Network Abroad

Buenos Aires
Grand Cayman
La Paz
New York
Mexico City
Hong Kong
    Subsidiaries and Associated Subsidiaries
Banco do Brasil AG
Banco do Brasil Securities LLC
BB Leasing Company Ltd.
BAMB Brazilian American Merchant Bank
BB Securities Ltd. Londres
BB USA Holding Company
BB Money Transfers, Inc.
Banco do Brasil AG – Cascais
Banco do Brasil AG – Marquês de Pombal
Banco do Brasil AG – Parque das Nações
Banco do Brasil AG – Porto
Banco do Brasil AG – Costa da Caparica
Ciudad del Este
Santa Cruz de La Sierra
    Shared Service Units
BB USA Servicing Center
BB Europa Servicing Center
    Business Units

BB across the Globe


Virtual Service Network

In addition to traditional physical service channels Banco do Brasil has also been working on initiatives which facilitate access by its clients to its services via telephone (fixed and mobile, Internet, and Digital TV).

BB's Service Center is a relationship channel through which clients can obtain answers to their queries and information on products and services, access their current account and consultant balances, statements, cards, make payments, transfers, redemptions and other banking transactions, with security and convenience. This service is available through the telephone numbers 4004 0001 or 0800 729 0001, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Brazil only).

Considering mobile telephone devices, BB has been working on initiatives which facilitate access by clients to its services through their mobile phones, with the objective of promoting financial inclusion. In addition to this, the Bank has developed applications for use on cellphones, offering users financial orientation and instruments to manage their finances.

In 2010, among the actions of BB carried out by Autoa­tendimento BB (BB automated service) for cellphones, is the development of applications for iPhone and iPad, and applications for access via OS Android and OS Blackberry, developing functions for the effecting of payments via cellphones, including the reading of barcodes and the implementation of SMS marketing with the offering of products and services. In addition, the Increased Reality application is to be launched (the application Increased Reality has the purpose of locating BB's service outlets using the GPS resources and the camera present in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch handsets. The user is shown the nearest BB service locations) consolidating BB's image as a Bank at the forefront of technology.

The Internet channel continues to undergo modernization: in 2010 the internet portal of Banco do Brasil had its access simplified, with the creation of specific pages for customers in accordance with their type of relationship with the Bank.

In alignment with new trends in client relationships, Banco do Brasil began 2010 by inaugurating its social network services, primarily through Twitter with the profile @maisbb and shortly afterwards, the page "Mais Banco do Brasil" on Facebook.

Digital TV has opened up a new interactive channel with customers, allowing the use of the TV, which is the media with the highest penetration in the country, as a channel for banking services and transactions. BB is prepared for the use of this new channel and has developed a tool which allows its clients to access their accounts using just the remote control.

Respect for Diversity in Client Service

Disabled People – in accordance with the Term of Conduct Adjustment signed by the Public Ministry and Banco do Brasil the various service channels of the Bank have received adjustments and now offer options which allow access by clients with disabilities.

For those with impaired vision, BB's automated service via the Internet is prepared for the use of screen reading software most used in the market, as well as its navigability, which is constantly being improved. The ATM terminals have a specific solution for those with impaired vision, with approximately 90% of the terminals having been adapted to receive earphones. Based on the identification of the client through the use of the magnetic card, the screen automatically switches off and the menu is made available to the client using the audio facility, which uses the physical keyboard on the machine that has Braille type markings for the navigation of the various options.

Recently, Banco do Brasil entered into contact with a number of companies that supply sign language solutions to enable us to prepare the automated Internet service and the ATM terminals for access by those with impaired.

BB's Service Centre provides services to customers with hearing or speech difficulties. Banco do Brasil has a telephone number exclusively to provide services to those with hearing or speech problems. The system consists of Telephone for the Deaf equipment linked to computers at the service points, which in receiving calls from another piece of Telephone for the Deaf equipment, establishes communication via text messages. The equipment makes an alphanumeric keyboard available and clients must also have a similar apparatus in their residence, to be able to access the service.

The services provided to those with hearing or speech difficulties, specifically includes general information about products and services.

Since 2005, BB decided to adjust its ATM park to the accessibility standards for automated bank services, cited by ABNT NBR 15,250, of 30.03.2005. As soon as the replacement of the older machines has been completed, which should be by March this year, all BB's ATM park will be adapted to the accessibility standards set for disabled people.

Percentage of ATMs with Accessibility for Disabled Persons and Those with Special Needs

2008 2009 2010
35% 58% 89%

Combining of Incomes Between Partners in Homosexual Relationships – in accordance with the principles of Socio-environmental Responsibility, in August 2010, Banco do Brasil started to accept combined incomes between homosexual couples in the analysis of payment capacity for real-estate lending operations and consortia. In order for the combination of incomes to be possible, it is necessary that both parties are registered with the Bank, with their relationship also being registered.