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With Whom We Relate

A bank for all Brazilians is also a bank for each and every Brazilian.

This was the idea that motivated Banco do Brasil to launch its publicity campaign that reflected its differential in the market: to be the connection between the public sphere, collectively for everybody and the development of individualized solutions for each one of its clients. A history of commitment to each Brazilian, on which BB bases its operational directives, focused on the social area, with a solid policy of socio-environmental responsibility, founded on four key elements: modernity/innovation, "Brazilianness", proximity and sustainability.

Through sports, cultural and social programs and projects, financing and lending initiatives, as well as investments and support for various types of company, the Bank reinforces its responsible operation, disseminating corporate sustainable practices internally and externally.

In valuing and recognizing the diversity of the public audiences, BB maintains long-lasting and satisfactory relationships, reflecting in an ethical and transparent connection.