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Fixed Investments

Fixed Investment Plan (Pfix)

In 2010, Banco do Brasil invested R$1,7 billion in its fixed investment plan – PFix, in the expansion of network of branches and bank service outlets, modernization of its technology park, in solutions supported by information technology and the updating of its ATM terminals, representing an increase of 31% compared to 2009. These investments had the aim of creating the physical infrastructure conditions to support the business growth of Banco do Brasil.

The investment of R$1,7 billion was distributed across various programs, in accordance with their nature and characteristics, and it is shown below:

a. Infrastructure: investments involved the amount of R$1,2 billion and are classified in the following way:

• Physical and Remote – covers investments in installations necessary for innovation, as well as the modernization and expansion of the physical and remote service network, so as to meet the expectations of clients and consumers with respect to its products and banking services;

• Physical Assets – covers investment in physical infrastructure, through the acquisition of mobile assets in general, and the carrying out of construction work, remodelling of real-estate, including modernization/substitution of building equipment, in such a way as to preserve the satisfactory functioning of Banco do Brasil;

• Contingencies – covers the investment allocated to dealing with unexpected situations and emergencies, which could impact or impede the functioning of the organizational infrastructure and for which there is no allegation of specific resources within the Investment Plan.

The principal results of this program were: installation of 556 new service outlets, the refurbishment of approximately 4,200 existing service outlets, the installation of approximately 15,500 ATM machines, and the inauguration of Central Computer Installation II.

b. Security: investments involved the amount of R$45 million and are classified in the following manner:

• Information Security – covers investments in devices which guarantee the protection of information and information processing systems against unauthorised use, access, disclosure, modification or destruction, preserving primary aspects of integrity, confidentiality and availability, so as to permit protection and control by the Bank against internal and external threats involving security incidents, which could provoke financial losses and damage image of the Bank.

• Physical Security and Security of Property – covers investment in security solutions for the preservation of the integrity of people and property, perfecting preventative management of the processes, as well as providing new solutions for risk mitigation and satisfaction monitoring of the growth in the Bank's new businesses.

The principal results of this program were: installation of the CMI – Integrated Monitoring Centre (for the remote control of the branches), the acquisition of approximately 70,000 software licenses, the acquisition of approximately 6,000 pieces of security equipment, benefiting almost 3,000 branches, and the improvement of security in 3,600 self-service terminals.

c. Information Technology: investment involved the amount of R$538 million, and are classified as follows:

• Management of Information Technology Environment – covers investment in technology solutions dedicated to the support and automation of technology infrastructure management processes and the building of technological solutions, and the physical and logical management of Banco do Brasil's technological installations;

• Business Solutions – covers investment in technological solutions dedicated to the direct support of Banco do Brasil's businesses, with the aim of offering new products and services to clients of the Banco do Brasil Conglomerate;

• Network and Telecoms – covers investment in communications solutions based on networks and telecommunications;

• Processing and Storage – covers investment in processing and storage solutions for data dedicated to guarantee the functioning and conditions for business growth at Banco do Brasil;

• Corporate Management – technological solutions dedicated and support of the management of the businesses of Banco do Brasil, with the aim of promoting a high degree of efficiency, precision and flexibility in the management processes for the support of technology tools.

The principal results of this program were:

Acquisition of a CPU mainframe, various types of software for the management of the information technology environment (including the external network system), in addition to solutions for the management of documents, compliance with the Basle II Agreement, management of people and other aspects.