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Strategic Management

Highlights 2010

In 2010, Banco do Brasil entered into various partnerships, consolidating and expanding its market share in many segments. The main events that took place during the year are listed below:


Memorandum of Understanding signed between BB Seguros and Grupo Icatu with the objective of forming a strategic alliance for the development and sale of "saving bonds" products in the Brazilian market. Icatu is the leading company not linked to retail banks in the saving bonds market.



BB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the banks Bradesco and Santander draw up a business model aiming the consolidaton of the operations of their external ATM machine network, installed at airports, fuel service stations, supermarkets, shopping centres and other locations outside the branches. The model envisages the creation of a brand to identify the consolidated network of these three institutions.



In launching Programa Água Brasil (the Brazil Water Program) and proposing the adoption of the "water cause", Banco do Brasil launched a drive designed to bring together a combination of internal and external agents and engage them in the search for solutions for the problems in this area. Expectations are that, over time, this cause will attract more people and result in the establishment of a permanent dialogue, of national dimensions, and even global, on this theme. During the implementation of the program partnerships have been entered into between the Banco do Brasil Foundation, the National Water Agency – ANA and WWF- Brazil. With the Brazil Water Program, BB has strengthened its sustainable operation and positioning on four fronts: " Socio-environmental Projects", "Communication and Engagement", "Mitigation of Risks" and "New Businesses".



Banco do Brasil obtained the status of Financial Holding Company, awarded by the US Federal Reserve, which allows it to carry out banking activities in US territory under equal conditions to the local banks. Another milestone in the Bank's international division, announced in the same month, was the acquisition of shareholder control of Banco Patagonia, the sixth largest bank in Argentina in asset terms. In addition to this, the Bank announced the start of negotiations with Bradesco and Banco Espírito Santo (BES) of Portugal, for the establishment of a strategic partnership to operate on the African continent.

Memorandum of Understanding announcement with Bra¬desco to operate in the credit, debit and prepaid card segments, with the Elo brand, which is completely Brazilian. The initiative was strengthened in August with the inclusion of Caixa Econômica Federal in this business arrangement. In addition to this BB increased its share in the companies Cielo and Companhia Brasileira de Soluções e Serviços – CBSS, through the acquisition of shares in Santander, an operation which was concluded in July.


april - may

The Bank began a series of operations with the aim of further expanding and consolidating its activities in the insurance segment. Of particular note was the renewal of the partnership between BB Seguros and the Principal Group, part of Brasilprev, the signing of a strategic alliance with Grupo Mapfre, and the acquisition of all the shares in Sul América Companhia Nacional de Seguros, part of Brasilveículos, by BB Seguros and the sale of all the shares held by BB Seguros in Brasilsaúde to Sul América Seguro Saúde.



Complete Integration of Banco Nossa Caixa putting BB in a leadership position in terms of service outlets in the state of São Paulo, as well as strengthening its relationship with the government and judicial power in that state.

Banco do Brasil carries out the largest primary and secondary public share offering in its history, with the aim of strengthening its capital base and for filling its commitment to increase is free float to 25% as a consequence of its listing on the BM&F Bovespa Novo Mercado.



The Bank begins preliminary discussions for the formation of a strategic alliance between BB Seguros, OdontoPrev, Bradesco Seguros and ZNT Empreendimentos, Comércio e Participações, for the sale of dental care plans. At the same time, it signed a contract with OdontoPrev to offer dental care to its employees and their dependents, totalling 260,000 beneficiaries in all.



BB-DTVM joined the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), which have the aim of incorporating socio-environmental and governance issues into investment analysis, decision-making and management.



Banco do Brasil joins "The CEO Water Mandate", an initiative of the United Nations, committing itself to incorporating the issue of water resources into its corporate strategies. At the same time, in the same month, the bank joined the Soya Work Group Moratorium, with the aim of combating deforestation in the Amazon region.